University of San Francisco

M.S., Computer science
Course work:

University of California, San Francisco

I participated in a bridge program between USF and the UCSF Cancer Center to pilot development and prototypes of biomedical applications in the domain of cancer research.

Copilot was developed to explore alternatives to the pathology document annotation process.

Some details of this partnership were captured in an interview with the participating students and staff.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

At LLNL in collaboration with professor Jeff Buckwalter of USF I studied performance modeling of supercomputing resources. We developed performance models based on queuing theory in an effort to model and estimate scientific task run times.

This work was presented at the "First Day of Celebration of Students' Research and Artistic and Scholarly Creative Activity" poster session. Our group presented "A message based model for predicting the computation time of scientific codes on large cluster computers".

University of Wisconsin

B.S., Computer science
Course work: AI, Algorithms, Compilers, OOP, Programming languages design & theory

As a part my studies and student programming work at the Environmental Remote Sensing Center I worked on the development of web applications for surveying MODIS satellite image data of Wisconsin. This work was described in a publication submitted for in the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing conference.

Open online courses

Introduction to Apache Spark

An online course covering the fundamentals of Apache Spark with exercises in PySpark developed in Databricks hosted Spark notebooks.